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Privacy Statement 


1. Introduction

Under Data Protection legislation the church Charity Trustees (Deacons) of Rothwell Baptist Church (The Church) is the Data Controller and can be contacted by emailing
Personal information is collected, stored and processed by The Church as part of its legitimate interests according to Data Protection Legislation.  The full Data Protection policy of The Church can be found on the Church Web Site at
It is the policy of The Church to store personal information either in paper form (in a locked filing cabinet in the church office), on computers secured by a password and on a secure on-line service provided by Microsoft.

The church is committed to the protection of your privacy and that of anyone we come into contact with.  The Privacy statement linked below explains for what purposes the church holds personal data and how this data is processed and protected.

2. Types and uses of personal data processed by The Church

The Church will keep and process personal data, only for the following purposes

a)          maintain our list of church members and regular attenders;
b)          provide pastoral support for members and others connected with our church;
c)          provide services to the community including (but not limited to), Services of worship, Monday Club, Friday Club, First Steps, Café Friday, Soup Lunches, Support Café, Mini Cafe;
d)          safeguard children, young people and adults at risk;
e)          recruit, support and manage staff and volunteers (including speakers);
f)           maintain our accounts and records; 
g)          promote our services;
h)          maintain the security of property and premises;
i)            respond effectively to enquirers and handle any complaints;
j)            hire rooms in the church building and
k)          to enable historical research of The Church and its community 

The way this relates to you depends on your role in relationship with the church:

a. Church members, attendees and friends. 

If you are a Church Member or a regular attendee at services or other Church run activities, we will hold your name and contact details for the purpose of contacting you regarding upcoming events, Church business and providing pastoral support. To enable us to provide adequate pastoral support to you and your family, one of the Deacons may record information which may be regarded as sensitive. This information will be stored (in password protected documents) on their personal computer and the password will only be known by them. This information will NOT be disclosed to anyone else without your consent.
If and only if you provide consent, then we will publish your name and contact details (postal address, email address and telephone numbers) in the Church Directory.  You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.
If you are no longer a regular attendee at Church activities but you wish to keep in touch, we will continue to hold your contact details so that we can give you information about Church activities and events that you may find interesting.  We will only use your personal details in this way with your consent.
We will remove your details from our database when you cease to be a member or attend Church activities and do not give consent for us to continue to contact you or, if we do not hear from you for a period of 5 years. 

b. Volunteers and employees 

If you are a volunteer for The Church we will also hold information you provide us for the purpose of assessing your suitability as a volunteer and the details of your volunteering duties including dates and times.
If you volunteer for a role with Children or Adults at Risk that requires a DBS (Disclosures and Barring Service) Check, then we will pass information you provide which is necessary to conduct these checks to the third party responsible for executing the check.  This will be done with your consent.  We will then use the information provided by the third party to assess your suitability for the role.  We will hold these details only for as long as you wish to be available as a volunteer.
If you are employed by The Church we will hold information about you with regards your employment and use it for administering the same.  Details about you including your salary will be shared with the third party The Church employs to process payroll and the tax authorities to the extent that we are required to do so.

c. Parents and guardians 

If you are a parent or legal guardian of children who take part in Church Activities then we will use your contact details to get in touch with you about the events your children are involved in and for use in the event of an emergency.  We may ask you for consent for your children to take part in certain activities and we will use your consent when organising these activities.  You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.
We will hold these details only for as long as you wish your children be involved in Church Activities.

d. Hirers 

If you hire rooms in The Church’s building then we will store your personal contact details for the purpose of managing the hiring contact between us.
Your details will be removed from our records once you cease to be a hirer and no longer wish to hire rooms from us in the future.

3. The Historical Record

The Church takes an interest in preserving the history of The Church for future generations and therefore to support research into the history of The Church and the community around it.  To this end copies of the minutes of Church and Deacons meetings are retained indefinitely for historical research purposes.  These documents contain the names of members and their activities/duties at various times and dates.   Documents retained for historical research purposes will not contain sensitive personal data or contact details.

4. Photographs, videos and sound recordings

We would like to keep photographs, videos and sound recordings of people for use in publicity material including the web site and social media.  We will only do this with your consent and the consent of the parent of legal guardian of children.

5. Online video meetings (Zoom)

The Church may record online video meetings in order to distribute to members who do not have the ability to join the on-line meetings.
The personal information captured by the recording includes a video image of you (if you turn on the video facility), the sound of your voice (if you say anything) and the name you give your Zoom account (which may be your name).
By joining the meeting, you give us consent to make the recording and use it for the purpose of distributing to members via DVD.  No other use of the recording will be made.
If you do not wish for your video image to be recorded but would like to participate in the meeting you can turn-off your video using Zoom.

6. Your rights

You have the right to ask to see any information we hold about you by submitting a ‘Subject Access Request’ to the Data Protection Trustee at You also have the right to ask for information which you believe to be incorrect to be rectified. 
If you are concerned about the way your information is being handled please speak to our Data Protection Trustee or any of the other deacons. If you are still unhappy you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office


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