About Us


Rothwell is a small town on the south east edge of Leeds, UK.  The church has lived on its triangle of land between Wood Lane and Haigh Road for over ninety years.  Firmly rooted in the community (pop. 22,000 but still called ‘the village’) it has that family feel which is the great strength of a small church.

What we do

We have twenty seven members plus many others who are committed to the church. Also a great number who come in to enjoy the activities  run by the church or by local hirers. We aim to be a place where neighbours from the community are welcome.

Jesus said ‘I came to give life, and to give it abundantly’ John 10:10
We believe God cares deeply about everyone and wants us to live full, balanced lives.

So follow this links to activities that
look after my mind and body
feed my spirit
help my children grow

Doing things together, like laughter, is always the best medicine.

Where we meet

Ten years ago the village watched with interest as we disappeared behind scaffolding.  The older of our two halls had been condemned but we took the heaven sent opportunity to renovate the whole site and are still amazed by the result – a bright modern building that is a pleasure to use.  Come in and visit.  You will  be very welcome.




How we work
Baptist churches are independant in that members organise and finance themselves.  Being small, we currently don’t employ a minister but invite visiting speakers.  However it means everyone can have a job to do, if they wish. The Deacons are responsible for leading the church.

Duncan Bradshaw is our Honorary Deacon and also leads some services.

Pam Elvin is Secretary and Treasurer.

Richard Mann chairs meetings of the Deacons  and church members.

Helen Stockton




Helen Stockton leads church activities for children and in 2016 was appointed as our Family Worker.

Gillian Thornborough enjoys overseeing pastoral care




Bob Edwards completes the group.  With his wife Sue, he brings a wealth of experience as they recently retired from full time ministry.


We are members of the Yorkshire Baptist Association and the Baptist Union.



Baptists are a branch of the Christian church found all over the world.  The name comes from the practice of baptising adults to show they have come to faith, usually going right under the water. This is the one held recently for Carron, a local mum.






What we believe

In a nutshell, we believe Jesus when he said:

God loved the world so much
that He gave his only Son,
so that whoever believes in him will not  be lost,
but have everlasting life’
John 3:16

However you don’t need to believe or even be baptised to come to church. It’s for everyone.  We love to share our faith, but will always respect your own views.

All this month’s activities are listed under ‘Calendar’.

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