What’s happening at Easter?

You might wonder why we have put a picture of a slain lamb on our web page describing Easter activities rather than an up-beat picture of the Easter bunny, a chick or Easter eggs.

The slain Lamb is a metaphor for Jesus personal sacrifice, which we remember at Easter. Ancient peoples used to sacrifice a lamb, or other animal in the hope that it would lead to forgiveness of sins. At Easter we remember that Jesus sacrificed himself by allowing himself to be executed on a cross. He did this so that God can forgive us. To remember this, we have a number of activities scheduled over the holiday; why not join us to find out more about the real message of Easter?

On the morning of Friday 29th March (Good Friday), Christians from around Rothwell will converge on the town centre on a “walk of witness”. There will be three processions starting from three points in the town: St Mary’s, Rotthwell Baptist and Rothwell Methodist. They will meet in Rothwell centre outside Morrisons for one song and the combined procession will then take the three crosses up to Holy Trinity. We will be meeting at Rothwell Baptist Church at 10:15 AM.

Later, on the evening of the 29th, at 7:00 PM, we will be holding an informal communion service.

On Easter Sunday (31st March) at 8:30 we will meet at The Church for an Easter Breakfast followed by our Easter service at 10:00AM. You are most welcome to join us for breakfast and this Easter celebration.