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Pentecost Weekend

This weekend, we celebrate Pentecost, the event that gave birth to the Christian Church.   The events are described in the Bible, in the Book to Acts Chapter 2.  After Jesus has returned to Heaven, all of his disciples were gathered together.  In a spectacle that resembled tongues of fire, God’s Holy Spirit came down on them and empowered the disciples to do Gods work.  They were empowered with new confidence and the ability to do incredible things like being able to speak in foreign languages without even trying.  They were also able to heal the sick in the same manner as Jesus did when he was on Earth.

It was only with the power of the Holy Spirit that the early Church was able to expand globally and have the longevity so that it still exists today.

The Holy Spirit comes to everyone who truly believes in Jesus and that he really is God’s Son sent to die in order that people can be forgiven by God.

The Spirit works in Christians today, providing confidence, empowerment and yes, even miracles where faith is strong enough.  It is The Spirit who enables Christians to have a personal relationship with the living Jesus.

Our services this Sunday, celebrating Pentecost are:

10:00 AM Sunday

6:00 PM Sunday for a special “Songs of Praise” service

If you just want to socialise and chat, maybe ask some questions about what you have read here, you can always come to Cafe Friday between 5:30 and 7:30 PM on, yes, you’ve guessed it, Friday!